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Early Childhood Department

The arrival of a child in a family is a source of great joy that brings a new rhythm to life and re-organises daily existence.

Demand on the part of parents in terms of early child care has become considerably diversified in recent years, in large part due to changes in lifestyle, women's increased participation in the labour force, modifications to work times and changes in family situations.

The City of Saint-Germain-en-Laye remains very attentive to these changes and endeavours to respond to the concerns of families.

Toddler Child Care at the Heart of Family Policy

The City currently has 591 toddler child care spaces, divided amongst 13 facilities and meeting the needs of more than 550 families.

These facilities each provide several types of childcare, both regular and occasional, according to each family's needs. They can care for children from the age of 10 weeks to school age.

Early Childhood Department

(nurseries and drop-in daycares)
Tel: 01 30 87 22 23