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Between the residents of Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Since March 2010, the City has offered a new free, interactive service in order to exchange services, share ideas and passions... The objective of this classified ads platform is to facilitate networking between the inhabitants of Saint-Germain, as well as with neighbouring communes (‘municipalities’). It's just a click away!

Building Links, Developing a Network of Solidarity?
"What will we do for tonight? I don't have a babysitter !"
"Where can I find a chess enthusiast to teach me how to play?"
"I would like to organise a basketball team."
"I am looking for a flatmate to reduce my costs."
"I am looking to meet other history enthusiasts."
"I am giving away my dishwasher. Who's interested?"

The desires, needs and ideas that come to us on a daily basis are often hard to make a reality. A large number of them are sometimes even abandoned, for lack of finding the right people with whom to share them.

"Entre Saint-Germanois" is a platform that boosts connections between citizens by enabling them to place or respond to classified ads based on their needs and interests.

The Digital Version of Classified Ads

The basic principle is straight-forward: simply create your profile in a few clicks, and once you are registered, you may write an ad, send messages, manage your favourite contacts... and thus  facilitate your administrative procedures according to 2 predefined categories:

  • hobbies or passions (travelling, cooking, sports, music, art, literature, etc.)
  • trade of services or offers of a helping hand (child care, subject tutoring, ride sharing,  seeking flatmates, etc.

The ad must comply with the "good conduct" charter, and the City reserves the right to moderate content that is not in compliance. Ads are valid for a renewable period of two months.

Discover this new service, by clicking here