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The City in Service of Youth

The City of Saint-Germain-en-Laye organises, both throughout the year and during school vacations, a wide range of activities for its young residents, such as introductory athletic and cultural activities, teen movie evenings, improvisational theatre evenings, as well as sporting events (races, roller skating events and, in anticipation of the upcoming start of the school year, an urban arts gathering at the skate park…).

Events such as Le Printemps des Poètes (‘The Poets’ Spring’), the Festival des Z’artistes are also opportunities for a host of young talents to appear on stage.

In order to complement this range of municipally-organised activities, Saint-Germain has developed a long-standing, close-knit partnership with the local community associations network and community centres such as the CLEF, the AGASEC and the SOUCOUPE.

Facilitating access to recreation, autonomy and citizenship is one of our City's ambitions.

In the interest of an informed and stimulated citizenry, Saint-Germain has organised public awareness raising actions aimed at its younger citizens with conferences, exhibits, presentations in secondary schools on themes as varied as addiction, road safety, sexuality, respect for the environment and one's community…

Awards for Citizen-Led Solidarity Projects

The municipality, in the interest of encouraging the efforts of the young residents of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, supports personal projects on a local or international scale in a highly diverse range of areas : citizenship, environment, local events, local solidarity, sports, culture, international solidarity.

These Youth Projects have existed for 20 years and many actions have already been rewarded that are then presented to a wider audience in the form of travelogues, conferences, exhibits… 

In Saint-Germain, all of the generations mix and enjoy special attention from the City's services. This diversity and high quality of intergenerational exchange make the City a more dynamic and pleasant place in which to live.


86/88 rue Léon-Desoyer 

Tel.: 01 30 87 22 45

e-mail : jeunesse.sports[at]saintgermainenlaye[dot]fr

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