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The 362th Fête des Loges

Festive, popular, entertaining, amusing… words are not lacking when we talk about this ancestral event, known as "La Fête des Loges" !  Yes, it is literally "the Fair of the Lodges", but it sounds better in French, especially as "Loges" represents a location - a huge clearing - in the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, described in detail below. This annual fête is taking place for the 361th time and the number of children and adults attending this year from June 27 through August 17 is expected to exceed 3 million.


• 28 june : Inauguration de la Fête des Loges
• 17 july, to 11 a.m : Inauguration Saint Fiacre's day

All of program 2014 coming soon !

La Fête des Loges is about the best family outing you can imagine ! The atmosphere is highly convivial and relaxed. Visitors can make the most of some 200 attractions spread out in this delightful forest setting. Whether it's multicolored merry-go-rounds and carousels for the toddlers, or hair-raising, sensation attractions for intrepid adults, each and everyone will find something entertaining, making a welcome change from the hurly burly life of Parisians.

La Fête des Loges is also a major concentration of gastronomic tradition. Its Kitchens' Alley (Allée des Cuisines) is unique : a dozen restaurants, dance halls, rotisseries - all at the same location - are bound to whet the appetites of even the most discriminating diners. You should not miss the speciality of this Alley, dating back to the Fête's origins : delicious suckling pig, roasted on a spit in traditional style.

Another custom, going back centuries, is the coronation of the Queen of the Loges. The new Queen will reign for a year in the hearts of the 170 fairground entertainers and of course all the visitors to this forest fête.

The 2013 Queen des Loges: Jade Toquard







Saint Fiacre's day, La Fête des Loges puts on different attire, lining its alleys and stands with flowers to pay homage to this Irish monk, who became the patron saint of gardeners and market gardeners. In line with tradition, a mass is celebrated on this occasion. This year, exceptionally, this mass will be celebrated by the Bishop of Versailles. Prior to the mass, there will be a lively parade in the streets of Saint-Germain, as in previous years.

In August, la Nuit de la voyance, a whole evening during which visitors benefit without cost from the talents of several clairvoyants.




What is more, la Fête des Loges is up to the challenges of the modern world and takes seriously the question of sustainable development. It is the first amusement fair to integrate this priority into all the attractions at their inception, by investing in low energy light bulbs   and means of economizing on water consumption.