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House of Europe


Yvelines House of Europe

Created in 2001, the Yvelines House of Europe is a community association established under the Law of 1901 and a member of the French Federation of Houses of Europe. There are currently 32 structures of this type at the national level.

The community association is also part of the EUNET (EUropean Network for Education and Training, e.V), that in 2009 had 60 active members in 19 European countries.

A Link Between Civil Society and the European Union

The House of Europe both initiates and partners with projects at the European level, in order to educate the public regarding European issues. It acts as a local relay between European institutions and citizens.

It seeks to instil a sense of Europe's concrete existence in people's everyday lives: information on the construction of Europe, its institutions, their functioning, educational interventions, internship projects, European voluntary service, etc.…

Yvelines House of Europe

Espace Paul and André Vera
2, rue Henri IV

Contact: 01 39 52 36 21
or 01 39 73 63 52

Open every weekday,
Monday to Friday, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

and by appointment outside of these hours.