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“Intelligent” water meters for reasonable consumption


“Intelligent” water meters for reasonable consumption

According to a survey by the Centre for information on water/TNS Sofres, 89 percent of people are interested by how much water is used. Now that sustainable development and heat climate changes are so present, people become more and more aware that natural resources can come to an end. Saving water isn’t only good for the planet, but also advantageous for your wallet.

Of course, to have a reasonable water consumption, one must avoid wasting it, but also to be able to keep an eye on it, which isn’t possible. “Think again!”, says Gilbert Audurier, deputy mayor in charge of sustainable development. “Thanks to the intelligent meters that Suez will install in Saint-Germain in 2017, all of its inhabitants will have the possibility of controlling their water consumption, even daily if they want to. Our city will be one of the first towns of the region to have this technology, also called “remote reading”. A test with 200 meters. Before the introduction of such remote reading next year, indispensable preliminary tests are currently carried out on 200 meters mainly accessible under pavements not to cause disturbance for users. They will continue until next December. The aim is to test the modern devices in real conditions.

What are the advantages?
As remote reading allows to collect data outside houses, people will not be bothered by someone having to come in. “In case there is a leak or over-consumption(for instance if the flow never stops within 24 hours), Suez can immediately contact the user by email or SMS”, adds Gilbert Audurier. “Another advantage of this technology, whose implementation won’t cost anything for users, is that bills are based on real consumption and not an estimation as before.” Remote reading also makes work easier for Suez as its employees won’t find a closed door or a damaged or old meter that can’t be read.

A more advantageous contract
Remote reading in Saint-Germain is the effect of a modification of its drinking water management contract signed at the beginning of 2015 with Lyonnaise des Eaux. “This negotiation brings other good news”, explains Gilbert Audurier. “The additional clause also resulted in a reduction of nearly 20 percent of the price of the cubic metre, of which the City inhabitants profit since 2015. And from 2018-2019, thanks to a new drilling that will belong to the City and make it independent for 40 percent of its needs, the price should fall again.”

Julia Robinson