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Municipal Council

The Municipal Council was elected for a term of 6 years during the first round of the municipal elections held on March 9, 2008. It has 39 members, including 30 for the group “Union pour Saint-Germain” (‘Union for Saint Germain’), 5 for the group “Ensemble pour Saint-Germain” (‘Together for Saint-Germain’) and 4 for the group  “Saint-Germain Solidaire” (‘Saint Germain in Solidarity’).

The Municipal Council re-elected Emmanuel LAMY Mayor of Saint-Germain-en-Laye on March 15, 2008.

A Team at your Service

The executive of the city’s Municipal Council is comprised of the mayor and his/her 11 deputies. The team of the municipal majority is comprised of 6 municipal councillor representatives and 12 commissioned municipal councillors.

Did You Know?

All important decisions binding on the city are subject to deliberations and approval by the Municipal Council. Any project for which the Municipal Council is called upon to make a decision is first examined by one of four municipal commissions: Financial Affairs, Education-Culture-Sport, Social Affairs, Public Works and Planning.

The three political groups that sit on the Municipal Council are represented on each of these commissions, in proportion to the number of councillors elected.

The Mayor

Emmanuel Lamy

The Mayor of Saint-Germain-en-Laye

To contact him or to schedule an appointment, you can send him an e-mail by clicking here, as well as contact him through his Office:

Tel.: 01 30 87 20 30

Fax: 01 30 87 20 13

Office Manager: Ms. Agnès DUBARRY

Tel.: 01 30 87 20 30

Associate Office Manager: Mr. Maxime PITTELOUD

Tel.: 01 30 87 20 11